LAMP server on VPS test install manual (1)

Caution: This instructions do not consider strict security. You must know much more to keep proper security for publication to world wide. So I recommend this server constructed here should be used for your personal practice how to make LAMP(linux-apache-mysql-perl,php,python) web server. If you want to get farther knowledges, visit related links suggested below. Those would be good help for you.
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0. Introduction VPS(KVM) plan
Virtual 2 core cpu and 1GB memory 20GBHDD+80GBHDD(scarable)

Install planning

  1. OS install
  2. SSH secure console set
  3. Antivirus and security check
  4. Secure Web (Openssl,MariaDB,Apache,Perl)
  5. PHP
  6. Domain and SSL authorized certification
  7. phpMyadmin
  8. CakePHP
  9. WordPress
  10. AIDE
  11. Running System

1. OS install

Download latest OS image from official site.
The full contents version has oversize for DVD.
Upload the image to vps provider’s storage, follow the instruction.

Note:Mouse does not work on Google Chrome. You need FireFox web browser. e.g, path at Windows
shell “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”

Control Panel >
Server List >kvm************ [click]
Power Off (Confirm stop power)
OS re-install tab
OS:[custom OS] > pull down the list and the last one is the latest you uploaded.
Semi-virtual driver (virtio) [on]
VNC console key map [ja]
video [vmvga]
Disks [Custom][100GB] <expand, partationing is auto set
> [confirm] >[execute] >[return to server list] >[power on]
>Power on ready? [yes]
Server list >kvm************ [click]
See console view
click and start [click]
Next view get from the icon right above
[Enter] to start install

The installer view >
keyboard [Japanese] #pick by ‘j’
Selected install device Basic expanded to 80GB+20GB
It’s ok with default set.
If you know about linux filesystem, I reccomend to create customized partation like this;
pool name = <you like …>
filesystem = xfs
partations = / , /var , /tmp, /home (each size would be your choice within your VPS limitation)
/boot and /swap should be remained default.

Selected software as webserver(MariaDB,perl,php,python) + developer
Enabling the network connection

>[Start Installer]
root pass <root password>
create user <your id > to be administrator pass <your-ids password>
===wait for a while(about 30 min)===
Reboot [click]
reject customOS disk [click]
Forced reject the install disk from check box at the top of view.
When the progress bar is displayed and, is showed the login : prompt, you made success install.
enter your user and pass, try login.

login: <your user>
Password:<your pass>
$ su root
Password:<root pass>
# prompt changed

lead time 60-90min(depends on network speed)

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