MT4 70 TickChart Script Version

:::Overview::: I made 70 tick chart of script version. (see. our Indicator version 70tick20ema.mqh) Since the original include file is partially modified, it is necessary to replace these files;”Files/FileBin.mqh,Files/File.mqh”. ‘BV’s 1pip unit display’ is made possible. Spread cancellation is also implemented. In this script, Struct MqlRate including ‘spread’ is filled with 0, and ‘real_volume’ is […]

How to use Metatrader4 on affordable VPS

For example, VPS(KVM) by bibliography     lubuntu     WINE     MetaTrader4     ONAMAE.COM 0  VPS contract and login I made an MetaTrader4 platform on the virtual private server(VPS-KVM) provided by “”. This server has such specs below; -CPU : shared virtual Core2DuoT7700 2.4Ghz -MEMORY : 1GB […]

70tick20EMA indicator for MetaTrader4

70tick20ema & MyCPanel The original program was developed by Mr.Rondo( Remodeling contents by me are below: Rounding price for the candle bar to be displayed in the 1pip unit Adding horizontal lines to be displayed change at the time of the appearance of the DD sign Adding horizontal lines to support range imaging Adding a […]

MQL4 & Visual C++2013 DLL with string

I’ll show you here a useful ‘dll’ for MQL4 of MetaTrader4 for Windows. You may need ‘VisualStudio2013 & C++’. of course also MT4. At first, I introduce you some helpful web sites below; Many thanks to these genius authors!!. Basic References MSDN References for VisualC++ Mr. roberr C++ entrance Modern Coding C++ […]