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Hello! Nice to meet you.
I am Mr.Katsura Yamanouchi, a Japanese Lawyer. I’ve been working actively in these fields below;

bankruptcy, multiple debt consolidation, inheritance and wills, adult guardianship, environment law, medical malpractice, violence intervention measures, consumer damage, etc.

Also I’ve been focusing on condominium management, business succession, real estate and lease management, and more.
I would like to show you the best advises for your proper benefits.

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*Notice : As you know 🙂  , I cannot handle issue with whom cannot speak Japanese. I apologize.
I had changed the URL of old Japanese site(http://www.yamanouchi-katsura.jp). So Please check This Link here, then you can fly to new site(https://www.uhl.jp). Thank you.

K.Y Blog days

MT4 70 TickChart Script Version

:::Overview::: I made 70 tick chart of script version. (see. our Indicator version 70tick20ema.mqh) Since the original include file is partially modified, it is necessary to replace these files;”Files/FileBin.mqh,Files/File.mqh”. ‘BV’s 1pip unit display’ is made possible. Spread cancellation is also implemented. In this script, Struct MqlRate including ‘spread’ is filled with 0, and ‘real_volume’ is …